Where can I get your Political Parody toys?

Our Political Parody toys are sold nationally by a variety of retail pet and gift stores as well as here on our online store! If you see an out of stock notice, don't worry, more will be added soon.  


I backed your Kickstarter, when will I receive my reward? 

If you still have not received your reward as a Kickstarter backer, please contact us. 


My dog plays rough, how tough are your toys?

Our toys have been tested by a variety of dogs with very different play styles. But because every dog is unique we can't predict how long the toy will last for your dog. If stuffing becomes exposed, please remove the toy from your dog.


Why didn't my order ship sooner?

We manually process all the orders that come our way. Orders placed M-F between 9-4 will be given to our fulfillment center and then shipped within the next few days. If you absolutely need expedited shipping, please notify us by email! 


How do I order wholesale?

We offer wholesale pricing for businesses. Reach out to us here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can! 


Any other questions?

Can I take my Jumbo Bernie toy out on a romantic date? Can I use the Cat toys as pin cushions? Does Donald prefer a specific comb for his plush locks? Don't be shy!